We awoke at the riverside dock in Clarkston. Soon after breakfast, we heard the rumble of a pair of jet boats approaching the dock to ferry us up into Hells Canyon for the day.

As we ascended the river over the next several hours, our local guide and jet boat Captain Jace pointed out several herds of bighorn sheep, flocks of wild turkeys, and many sites of historical significance. Our conveyance was amazing! Transiting rapids, pools, and riffles – all at a high rate of speed and in supreme comfort!

After coming to the pool where the steamship Imnaha met its end, we spun around on our own length and headed back towards the Heller Bar Lodge, where lunch was waiting. After everyone had dined, we steeled ourselves for the final leg back to the ship and a delightful cultural presentation by Nez Perce elder and storyteller, J.R. Spencer. Such a treat!

We enjoyed one more outstanding wine tasting aboard with Coco from Clearwater Canyon Winery. We had an awesome dinner and then enjoyed the premier of our voyage slideshow. There was a wonderfully warm hour of guests exchanging contact information before going to bed for their last time aboard National Geographic Sea Bird.

Sleep well, and safe travels. It’s been a wonderful voyage!