How did the three weeks of our voyage fly by so quickly? Today is the last day of our Northwest Passage expedition. As we rounded the northwest corner of Alaska this morning, bowheads and fin whales surrounded the ship.

We continued to learn from the experts on board about the history and nature of the region. Kevin outlined the history of Alaska in his talk – from prehistoric cultures in the area, to the sale of the land by Russia to the U.S., to the Alyeska pipeline. Jamie showed some harrowing images of how some of humanity’s activities are influencing birds, specifically seabirds and shore birds. He gave some advice that each of us can follow. For example, pet owners can put a bell on outdoor cats so birds can hear them approach, and we can participate in beach cleanup days.

After lunch, Lisle gave a disembarkation briefing. Then Erin shared about her experience working for BBC as a researcher for their segments for nature history TV. Her photos of working on St. Lawrence Island and on the eastern side of Greenland were incredible. We are all excited to see the film when it comes out in September. When the credits start rolling, we will all be able to say, “I know Erin!”

Steve brought it all home for us with his all-encompassing presentation, “A is for the Arctic.” He invited us to shout out terms related to our trip, starting with each letter of the alphabet. In the evening, we had another chance to reminisce about our experience when Sue presented the Guest Photo Slideshow. We laughed and cheered for the photos, and then Captain Aaron came up to say a few words about his team and the voyage. He mentioned we were the first passenger ship to stop at Zenith Point and only the forty-eighth ship to take the exact path we did.

What an adventure it was! Tomorrow’s goodbyes will be quite emotional…