As National Geographic Quest sailed south down Chatham Strait, we spent time outside looking for wildlife. We were thrilled to see humpback whales seemingly everywhere we looked; we also stopped to view a beautiful waterfall along the way. The sun was out and gorgeous, so most of us exchanged our waterproof gear for t-shirts and sunscreen.

We headed into Saginaw Bay and further into Halleck Harbor; National Geographic Quest anchored, then dropped Zodiacs and kayaks into the water. We enjoyed visiting Fossil Bluffs, which features mostly light gray dolomitic limestone that preserves fossils millions of years old. These fossils are from the Paleozoic Era. A large group of guests tackled the bushwhack trail while others enjoyed an afternoon of kayaking and hiking. Some highlights of the wildlife we observed today include bubble-net feeding humpback whales and a pair of orcas while we enjoyed our lunch.