Holy moly! As our Zodiacs departed the fantail in Two Harbors this morning, we were blessed by the presence of the brightest fish in the whole sea, the ocean sunfish. As it waved us on with its elongated dorsal fin, we began our morning hikes. We knew this Earth Day would be one to remember. Some of us summited to the overlook on Ballast Point, while others strolled along the seaside. We all breathed in the salty air and cherished our last day together. The crisp breeze brought with it wafts from Bird Rock, a smell not soon forgotten.

With our bellies and hearts full by afternoon, we took to the bow to look for dolphins and whales while we enjoyed the verdant site of Catalina Island. This evening was bittersweet. We said goodbye to friends new and old as we reminisced about our times together. From all of us on National Geographic Quest, safe travels and see you soon.