Before breakfast on our first day of expedition on the Upper Amazon of Peru, we explored the Yanayacu Creek, one of the many tributaries of the Amazon River. It was truly lovely feeling the fresh morning breeze gently hitting our faces as we explored with our skiffs this densely forested area. As is always the case here, we could listen to many calls of the many creatures that live here as the forest was waking up. We got great views of wattled jacanas, parrots, parakeets, macaws, saddle-backed tamarins, herons, and egrets of many kinds before returning to the Delfin II for a wonderful breakfast.

Later today we visited the Casual Forest Preserve run by a local community, and here we had the opportunity to walk in the forest with the help of some locals that served as scouts for us, searching the forest that they know so well. We had great sightings of brown-throated sloths, anacondas, and tiny, colorful poison dart frogs.

It was indeed a perfect first day on the Upper Amazon of Peru.