Today I laid on the famous “Blue Lagoon” (Marjorie’s favorite area on board), while the crew prepared the spanker, and set up the gaff sail. This was not only about the beauty of this fantastic four-masted barque, but it was also about the uniqueness of feeling transported just by the wind, with no other forces involved in taking us through the seas.

After lunch we dropped anchor at Tyrell Bay, Carriacou Island. This is a new country of the five we visit on our voyage: Grenada. Several guests chose to snorkel and swim at Sandy Beach, an isolated island of coconut palms, white sand, and pristine waters. Most of us went for a historic tour and learned about the country’s past, its people, and their dreams for the future. This week Grenada is celebrating fifty years of independence, and the streets are painted in the colors of their flag. Before sunset we all met at Paradise Beach, to party with the locals for Carnival and St. Valentine’s Day. Later, the festivities continued on board, with rum tasting, roses for the ladies, and the traditional salty sailor songs, the shanties.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day from Sea Cloud!