Early this morning, National Geographic Sea Bird anchored inside a deep protected channel of Calvert Island. The morning hours brought a slip of light, as we were immersed in the customary weather of the Pacific Northwest…a constant spring drizzle.

Our morning destination would be the Hakai Institute, which is dedicated to long-term scientific research of the coastal ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. The research focuses on understanding the intricate relationships between land, sea, and human activity. Their studies include interdisciplinary research spanning marine biology, ecology, archaeology, and climate science. Their findings and research are open to the public and shared with local communities, including fifty different Indigenous nations. Their goal is the building of relationships and, as of this year, includes Lindblad Expeditions! 2024 marks the first year our entire fleet of American flagged ships will visit the Hakai Institute while traveling through the Inside Passage on their way to Southeast Alaska.

After a morning of visiting the Institute and kayaking, we divided into several different levels of hikes and went out into the constant soft rain, enjoying the chance to explore Calvert Island, definitely a unique island along the Northwest Coast.