We woke up this morning in Bahia Los Frailes on the edge of Cabo Pulmo National Park. The sun rose over the point while whales blew in all directions. After a delicious breakfast, we set out for different adventures with the certified park guides. Some boats went to snorkel, and others went on boat tours. All had the common goal of observing the bounty of life that results from conservation in action. Cabo Pulmo has been a no fishing marine reserve since 1995, and the abundance and diversity of the fish makes for a dramatic display.

It the afternoon, we set sail south to begin to make our way around the cape of the Baja Peninsula. We hadn’t even made in through the first course of lunch before we had to slow to watch an amazing show of humpback whales through the large windows. And the show didn’t end for hours. For much of the afternoon, we marveled over the acrobatic activity of endless humpbacks, including a few calves. We observed breaching, tail slapping, fin slapping, and blows galore. It was truly one of the best shows most of us have ever seen. We were even able to hear some humpback singing with the hydrophone deployed off the bow. As evening drew near, we continued our transit south with a beautiful sunset made more dramatic by some rare winter rain clouds over the peninsula.