The green flash has become a “thing” on board. Last night, we had green flash cocktails on the sundeck to celebrate the phenomena, and it acknowledged us with a great display. This morning, folks lined up in the minutes before dawn to see it again. Some caught it. You can always tell if the conditions are right by the yells and hoots. Oddly, a few viewers who are there, ready and looking in the right direction at the right time, just do not see it. And there are quality cameras that can record it, but the final video lacks the flash. The flash retains its mystery.

Morning operations offered opportunities for snorkeling or staying relatively drier on a boat tour. After stretch class and breakfast, guests dispersed on Mexican pangas to different parts of Cabo Pulmo National Park. Snorkelers returned with fish stories to share.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon at the beach. Nine explorers took a long hike up the high peak for the view. Others hiked the arroyo to a freshwater lagoon where frigatebirds skimmed the surface for a drink and crested caracaras congregated. Cold beers and chairs in the sand welcomed everyone to relax.

Tonight’s recap included a fun game where human “Flashlight Fish” found their schools using Morse code-style communication, similar to the method of communication that has been researched for these fish. The human fish were successful and swam off to a delicious dinner.