The day began with a green flash as the sun rose over the Gulf of California. We awoke early to take advantage of our time in the National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo, either snorkeling or on a scenic cruise. Those who decided to adventure into the marine park transferred from our expedition landing crafts to local pangas. Snorkelers spotted a wide variety of fish and corals in several locations. Cruisers were enamored with the sea lions lounging on a large rock as well as a variety of birds.

As we left the National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo behind, we sailed toward the Gorda Banks. This area is known for its productivity and wildlife. Guests and staff on the bow spotted a couple cow/calf pairs as well as other singular humpbacks. We observed several heat runs of humpback whales. We saw just a bit of the action on the surface as males engaged in a fierce competition to mate with a female.

After an eventful morning and a delicious lunch, everyone took advantage of the gorgeous day to watch for whales and dolphins. Naturalist Berit, who specializes in whales, gave a talk about the humpbacks we have seen and the gray whales we hope to see in the next couple of days. Quite a few of us were eager to see the green flash again at sunset as we sailed toward the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. There we will find the gray whale lagoons.