I love it when a plan comes together! We started our morning off in the sunshine at Brown Bluff with another incredible continental landing. The 2,444-ft cliffs just above the landing beach are remnants of an ancient volcano from around a million years ago. The beach and waters just offshore were teaming with wildlife. Home to both Adelie and Gentoo penguin colonies, the beaches can be quite busy with streams of marching penguins, and we even spotted several nests with newly hatched chicks.

A stealthy leopard seal patrolled the shoreline, as snow petrels and cape petrels flew overhead. We later made our way into the Weddell Sea, where we were greeted by massive tabular icebergs and one of the most beautiful evenings one might encounter here off the great White Continent. It was as if we were thrown right into a scene from a National Geographic documentary! We spotted over 100 emperor penguins on the Ice and watched them march among the icebergs as the sun set and the moon glowed above. It was truly magical!