Guests on board National Geographic Resolution enjoyed a very special day visiting the Berthelot Islands, Port Charcot, and the Lemaire Channel. Fair weather greeted us as we entered the Berthelot Islands where those guests that joined the team of naturalists on Zodiac cruises witnessed some dramatic scenes, as glacial calving and iceberg ‘flipping’ welcomed us to the spectacular coastal environment.

Following lunch, our navigation took us through iceberg-laden waters to Port Charcot. Guests enjoyed either a short walk to the Adelie, gentoo and chinstrap colonies or a more strenuous hike to the cairn, built by those on Charcot’s French Antarctic expedition. At Port Charcot the weather conditions were ‘lively’, meaning a combination of strong winds and the occasional rain and snow storms. Dramatic scenery of tidewater glaciers entering the coastal waters and glimpses of the ‘iceberg graveyard’ enriched our guests’ experiences.

After dinner, National Geographic Resolution navigated the Lemaire Channel while guests and our team of naturalists observed the majestic landscape that is dominated by dramatic mountain peaks and tidewater glaciers.

This day was memorable as it afforded us all with the opportunity to witness the splendor of the Antarctic Peninsula.