We dropped anchor in Admiralty Bay facing the lovely village of Port Elizabeth. Bequia was settled first by the Taino and then Carib Indians. Scots were brought over quite early as indentured servants in considerable numbers in the early 18th century and have remained here. The demographics of Bequia is thus unlike many of the other islands we have visited with a substantial Euro-Afro-Caribbean population. Here there is a rainbow of racial colors all living harmoniously.

Some guests had a scenic tour of the island, enjoying the amazing views from Fort Hamilton and Mount Pleasant. Then we stopped at the famous Sergeants/Boat Museum. Guests walked along main street (the only main street!), admired the scrimshaw on display at small tables selling all sorts of local handicrafts, and continued along Belmont walkway to our final stop, Princess Margaret Beach.

Our final stop is always a hit – Jack’s Bar. At Jack’s, we enjoyed all sorts of fruit punches. Many loved the snorkeling and a swim. The remarkable “Kings of Strings” came on board and played while we danced to their music.