This is our second day exploring the Upper Amazon of Peru. Belluda Creek always brings gifts to us, and today was no exception. As soon as we started early in the morning we found a flock of red-bellied macaws eating; we also spotted toucans, tanagers, cardinals, and many types of herons. We had a very special moment when we observed a troop of monk saki monkeys perching in the tall trees; later we saw squirrel monkeys as well.

In the afternoon we explored the Dorado River. Experiencing the transition from day to night was astonishing. We encountered monkeys, herons, cormorants, and egrets along the riverbank; after the sunset we found nocturnal creatures such as caimans, owls, potoos, bats, and herons. The sky was full of stars; the Milky Way was perfectly seen. What an amazing day we had in this emerald world.