Aboard National Geographic Resolution, we can’t get enough of Svalbard – so much so that we extended our trip here by a full day to make the most of our current position and the weather forecast! This morning the ship sailed into Bellsund and we set out to explore the beautiful Recherchefjord. The adjacent semi-tidewater glacier has formed a terminal moraine that is now almost fully dammed, resulting in an iceberg-filled lagoon that was perfect for Zodiac tours, while an adventurous group of kayakers paddled around nearby.

An afternoon repositioning to Camp Millar secured our final opportunity to stretch our legs on land in Svalbard (and potentially for a while, depending on conditions in East Greenland). The summer fog rose and fell like the tide as an overwhelming number of little auks whirled and twittered above our heads and several reindeer grazed on the spongy lichen and mosses coating the nearby hills. There are some places you don’t want to leave, but we departed knowing the memories would come with us, too.