For those of us who are bravely adventuring to explore the Arctic in April, the high sun has once again enchanted our voyage. We started our morning by sailing along Bellsund Fjord with stunning views of Van Mijenfjorden. Svalbard sceneries are just mesmerising!

A few seals popped up here and there as they swam in the fjord, and Svalbard reindeer walked along the snowy hills. We explored to the far end of Recherche Fjord. To enrich our understanding of this extreme and distinctive ecosystem, naturalist Eduardo Shaw talked to us about the “Birds of Svalbard.” Later, Camille Seaman told us about her life and how she became a National Geographic photographer.

Summer is very slowly arriving to the top of the world. The first migrating birds are just starting to apear. Soon, the snow will melt and the landscape will be completely different. It is a privilege to be among the first to arrive as we experience the great yearly change in such a special place on our planet.

After a delicious lunch with a 270° view of the fjord and the mountains covered in snow, a most unexpected proposal came to us via the PA system. The staff team had scouted a completely new landing for a possible hike to view a beautifull glacier. With the temperature at -18° C, a very snowy Arctic endeavor awaited us.

Once we geared up, we were ready to go. The safety perimeter was established, and we all walked along the snow to an incredible view of the glacier front. Our walk over snow towards the Recherchebreen glacier was topped off by appearnaces of Svalbard reindeer and Arctic foxes.

What a unique and unforgettable farewell to Svalbard. We were simply walking on sunshine.