A day at sea is a day for reflection. We reflected on the adventures we are having during this voyage, the memories and images we have captured in our minds and cameras, and the immense expanse of Antarctica. Maps do not do justice to the vastness of this place and its beauty. We continue to be mesmerized by the shape and colour of the icebergs we see as we sail by, while keeping a watchful eye for a spout or a fluke of a whale on the horizon.

Excitement of a different kind was experienced when we witnessed an emergency drill onboard, a routine training exercise for all crew. Once the mock crew alert signal was heard throughout the ship, the restaurant team transformed into safety guards and the deck department donned fire fighters’ uniforms. It was fascinating to see the effectiveness of the different teams that would be ready to act in case we need them.

For some of our guests this voyage is a maiden visit to Antarctica. For others, Antarctica was their home some time ago. Guest Tim Flynn shared his experiences as a young medical doctor working for the US National Antarctic Program many moons ago. Naturalist Rich Kirchner, better known as ‘Mad Dog’, followed with his presentation. He showed beautiful photographs from his collection obtained during the three+ decades as a wildlife photographer and naturalist working from Pole to Pole.