Just before the sun rises behind Bartolome Island, we are ready for a day full of adventures. First, we hike up to the summit of this small island. On the way, a book of geology opens before our eyes. Naturalists help visitors understand the process of the archipelago’s formation as well as the first appearance of plants and animals here. Later, we head to the beach for snorkeling and to meet the most fabulous underwater world you can imagine.

To the north of Santa Cruz Island, we land at Cerro Dragon. A dry forest of bushes, prickly pear cacti, and incense trees lead us to a site for our first encounter with the ancient, dinosaur-like reptiles called Galapagos land iguanas. A large number of land and sea creatures are observed as we walk on the dusty and rocky terrain typical of a volcanic island.

We are ready for another day of adventures in the Galapagos paradise tomorrow.