National Geographic Endeavour II is anchored today in front of one of the most iconic areas of the Galapagos Islands and we cannot wait to explorer it. Our journey started with a pre-breakfast hike to the top of Bartolome Island from where we enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Pinnacle Rock and surrounding beaches. This place is surrounded by an amazing geology and impressive landscapes. Today was special because we had a rainbow and the full moon at the same time, making the moment even better.

After a delicious warm breakfast, we headed to the beach. Here we had the opportunity to lie back and enjoy the sound of the waves or explore the area by snorkeling. During the afternoon the ship moved to Sombrero Chino, where we had our second opportunity to snorkel, and this time sharks, rays, and Galapagos penguins were with us in the water! What an amazing experience!

After snorkeling we took Zodiacs along Sombrero Chino at sunset, spotting wildlife and ending the day BBQ-style. Off the sky deck, a full moon was shining and the Galapagos Sharks were swimming around the ship! It was a fantastic day aboard National Geographic Endeavour II.