Today we anchored in the central part of this enchanted archipelago. As our journey nears completion, there are still surprises.

Bartolome is a great place for geology fans. Here and there you see many types of volcanic formations. The island is relatively young and, walking there, it seems like the lava cooled off just few days ago. We went to the summit of Bartolome for a breathtaking view of Santiago and Sullivan Bay, a large pahoehoe lava field formed just few decades ago. Spatter and cinder cones add to a moonscape scenery, while Pinnacle Rock emerges from the ocean as an iconic natural monument appearing in books, postcards, and documentaries about Galapagos. The morning outing was super spectacular, with the perfect light for photography.

After breakfast, we had more activities, such as swimming and snorkeling on a nice beach at the foot of Pinnacle Rock. Glass-bottom boat rides were available for those who preferred to stay dry, sitting and enjoying the wonders of the Galapagos submarine world. Some guests went snorkeling along the shoreline. The place is full of marine wildlife, including lobsters, stingrays, sharks, many types of multicolor fish, and sea stars. At the end, we enjoyed swimming with penguins!

Later in the afternoon we moved to Sombrero Chino, a beautiful islet that is home to tons of creatures. Again, we snorkeled in the company of sharks, sea lions, and penguins. At sunset, we went on a Zodiac ride to photograph penguins basking on the rocks. We ended our day happy and pleased. Galapagos is a magical experience.