A clear sky and a colorful sunrise started the day. The volcanic shape of Bartolome Island was the first thing we saw in front of our ship when we woke up. The main crater structure is still young, so its elevation and contour are a beautiful geological display. Our first outing was to the island’s summit. We walked up a staircase that passes by the spatter cones and lava fields that make this island famous. On the way up, we spotted lava lizards and a snake hiding behind the bushes in this arid place.

In the afternoon, we visited Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island. The wet season is starting, and leaves are growing from the branches in the incense tree forest. Crustaceans and other invertebrates are more and more abundant in the lagoons. This attracts land and shorebirds like stilts and flamingos. We found many flamingos that have arrived to feed from the wetlands! The mating season for land iguanas has started, and the males are the yellowest they will get. The still dry vegetation provides a high contrast and makes the iguanas stand out from their nesting grounds.