Today was the first full day of our expedition, and we journeyed to Bartolome Island. Before breakfast we hiked to the summit of this iconic island, where the view can be breathtaking. Afterwards, we enjoyed a short Zodiac ride while we looked for Galapagos penguins. This species occurs in very small numbers in the islands, and seeing them was a special moment.

Later in the morning we took our guests to Bartolome beach, where we had the best time ever! Two Galapagos penguins approached the shoreline looking for fish and gave a show to our guests; the penguins even pecked on a few cameras. Not long after, we noticed unusual frigatebird activity, just to discover that a sea turtle nest was hatching. We observed this special moment as the baby turtles made their way to the ocean.

The afternoon took us to Dragon Hill, where a healthy population of land iguanas is found. We observed marine iguanas, land iguanas, great herons, black-necked stilts, and other species of birds as well.

What a great first day!