Today we went for an early morning hike to the wonderful summit of Bartolome Island. The very first sunrays coming through the clouds made the landscape look almost otherworldly. This land was created from fire in the form of volcanic eruptions hundreds of thousands of years ago. We walked from one end of the island to the other to observe tuff cones, parasitic cones, lava tunnels, and more. As we walked, we learned how life in various forms is making its way to the island.

Once we reached the summit, we took in one of the archipelago’s best scenic views, Pinnacle Rock. With so many colors and such a variety of shades, it was as if a painting came to life. Just one word came to mind – extraordinary.

Later in the morning, water activities began. We spent time relaxing on a very beautiful gold sand beach, just enjoying the area and the beautiful scenery. The snorkeling was great, and we had the chance to swim with many species of fish. We observed sharks, and a very friendly penguin led the group as we swam together for a bit. Tours in the glass-bottom boat were offered to guests who preferred to stay dry while appreciating the undersea world.

We started to navigate to our next destination, Chinese Hat. Today was the day of penguins. The Galapagos penguin mainly lives on the western side of the islands, but we got the chance to see some on the coast of Chinese Hat and on Bartolome. The tuxedo colors made the birds look as if they were waiting in their best outfits for company. Some of them stood on rocks as if posing for guests to photograph them.

We came back to the ship after a fulfilling day with great expectations for tomorrow.