Today we visited Bartolome, one of the iconic islands in the Galapagos. This small islet is found on the east coast of Santiago Island.

Bartolome is a great spot for geology lovers. The unique place is just over one square mile, and it has more than 20 parasitic cones. From the summit, visitors can take in a view that is often used to represent the islands in magazines and books about the Galapagos. Bartolome is one of the most visited islands due to its location near Santa Cruz and the airport. It is the first or last stop for the many different ships that arrive daily.

Our day started early. At 6:20 A.M., some of our guests went for a walk to enjoy the view while others went for an amazing dinghy ride. We observed fantastic geological formations and so much great wildlife along the coast, including penguins, blue-footed boobies, pelicans, sea lions, frigates, herons, etc.

Later, we had the chance to snorkel and see the underwater world. This is probably the only place on the planet where we can swim with penguins and sea lions in tropical waters. It was 84° today!

In the afternoon, we had another great snorkel and a beautiful dinghy ride. We enjoyed the landscape and the fauna, including penguins, sea lions, and plenty of marine birds.

Today was another successful day in the enchanted islands of the Galapagos.