Today we woke up to the famous sight of Bartolome Island. Before breakfast, some early risers explored by foot the summit of this unique island for the best view of Pinnacle Rock. This island is so geologically young that we can imagine how the rest of islands must have looked early in their formation. Other guests opted for exploring the area by Zodiac, where at least 10 penguins were observed, along with lots of blue-footed boobies and a couple of lazy sea lions. We even saw a shark passing by the Zodiac.

After breakfast, everyone enjoyed some beach time as well as our first snorkeling excursion. The afternoon was full, too. We had the opportunity to get in the water again, this time near the coast of Dragon Hill. Later, we put on our sturdy shoes to explore this area where the highlight was seeing yellow land iguanas, a species that has recovered from the brink of extinction. Not a bad way to spend the first full day of our expedition.