As we departed New York City for a week’s adventure on the Hudson River, we sailed by the Statue of Liberty. Early in the morning of October 28th, we sailed past West Point Military Academy on our way to Pollepel Island and Bannerman Castle.

After breakfast and some safety briefings, the photography team, led by Steve Morello, had a presentation to assist everyone with their cameras/cell phones so we can all get the best photographs on our journey up and down the Hudson River.

The first outing of the day was a Zodiac tour around Pollepel Island. We then landed for a tour of Bannerman’s Arsenal, the former military surplus warehouse built in the form of a Scottish castle. The guides shared the history and conservation efforts taking place at this interesting and picturesque historic site. Local hot apple cider and live music enlivened the atmosphere. We returned to National Geographic Sea Lion for lunch before setting out for the afternoon.

At Little Stony Point, we offered a variety of hikes that featured the landscape, including views of the Hudson River and the Cornish Estate ruins. We then boarded coaches and went to a sustainable farm and our dinner venue, Glynwood. The group split for a tour with a local forager or a walk around the farm with an explanation of sustainability practices. Dinner was an artistic, five course meal paired with wine and local beverages.