Waking up on board National Geographic Venture, we enjoyed another beautiful sunrise here in Baja California Sur. Our team readied the snorkel gear and greeted the local pangeros who approached the ship’s fantail to bring us into Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. Cabo Pumlo is an incredible underwater sanctuary. The area was set aside due to the hard work of local fishermen who wanted to protect the area after witnessing significant changes to it.

We transferred to the pangas and cruised into the park, where we hopped in the water to snorkel with the rich wildlife, including fish, sea turtles, and more! Our undersea team completed two dives with a local guide, and they shared images of shipwrecks, coral heads, eels, and even the beautiful bull sharks known to congregate in the area! 

We set sail from Cabo Pulmo and headed south towards Land’s End. We spotted so many humpback whales breaching, tail lobbing, and exhibiting exciting, charismatic behavior that we lost count! We took breaks for a humpback whale and grey whale presentation by naturalist Berit Solstad. It was a cetacean filled afternoon. 

Life doesn’t get much better than finishing the day on the bow with a beverage in hand as the sunset illuminated Friar’s Rock at Land’s End. We enjoyed an after-dinner presentation on the birds of Baja California by naturalist Shayne Sanders.