Sometimes, the best made plans are dashed on the rocks (or in this case, in the sea) as conditions turn despite modern technology’s predictions. Such was the case this morning when National Geographic Venture aborted her attempt to reach the predicted calm waters in the northern part of the Gulf of California. Predictions were eclipsed by reality, and the incoming tide pushed against the NW winds, making conditions untenable. We turned and ran for cover in the relatively calm waters of Bahia de Los Angeles.

In the afternoon, we explored deep into the southern reaches of Bahia de Los Angeles in a small bay known as las Monas. It was the first time anyone on board had hiked this area, and much to our delight, the hiking turned out to be superlative! The arroyo was rich in Sonoran Desert plant life and even afforded us a view of a healthy coyote! The best was saved for last as we climbed to a rocky overlook, only to see National Geographic Venture anchored serenely in the bay!