Sunrises in Baja deserve their legendary status. The light paints the hillsides as it peeks over the horizon before erupting in a shower of oranges, yellows, and reds.

In the morning light, seabirds swirled about the ship, silhouettes dancing in the breeze. Leaving a sizzling wake to our north, we greeted the day with anticipation and excitement.

A delightful breakfast prepared us for a morning spent exploring Bahia Concepcion. This area was exactly what we needed, offering protection from howling winds and swells. We set out in expedition landing craft to spend time with the flora and fauna of the bay and the islets around it. Endemic yellow-footed gulls nested near the tideline with ospreys conspicuously perched on bluffs. Brown pelicans were a delight to watch as they plunged down into the inviting, blue-green waters. Locals in brightly painted cabanas rimmed the shoreline. It’s no surprise this is a destination for many.

In the afternoon, we sheltered on National Geographic Venture. The north winds continued howling, so we enjoyed presentations on the cultural history of Mexican foods. Our crew performed delightful music in the afternoon, which set a great mood for the Mexican fiesta dinner that followed. It was a joyful day that also allowed for some well-deserved resting on the ship.

With an idyllic sunset matched with a brilliant moon rise to wrap up the day, we were surrounded with reminders of how this corner of the world is teeming with vibrant beauty.