A spectacular sunrise greeted everyone on National Geographic Venture. Windy weather altered our plans on this, the last day of 2021. Expeditions are all about making the best plans and then adapting as circumstances change. 

Bahia Amortajada is a special place where a cardon cactus forest meets the mangroves. We enjoyed hikes of various intensities to accommodate everyone’s chosen pace and interests. We enjoyed hiking in the arroyos to observe a wide variety of life. We even caught a fleeting glimpse of a rainbow in the distance.

The day took an interesting twist when we experienced a rainstorm with intense winds. After everyone pitched in to make sure the beach was clear of any trace of our visit, we quickly made our way back to National Geographic Venture.

We sailed to our next destination, Puerto Lost Gatos, and observed a couple whales along the way. Some guests hopped in the water to snorkel where they saw an assortment of sea creatures. Later that afternoon, we took a photo hike with certified photography instructor Gemina. Then we did some tidepooling with our underwater team, Katie Mo and Kim. Meanwhile, staff members built a bonfire on the beach. We watched the sunset while toasting some s’mores.

We welcomed the New Year in style, with costumes, friends, family and beverages. The day was not necessarily the one we planned originally, but it turned out far better. Perhaps this is a great lesson to finish 2021. Happy New Year, and we look forward to new and exciting adventures on National Geographic Venture in 2022!