This morning we went to check out Little Harbor to see how the sea conditions looked. After deciding that the swell was too large for a comfortable landing, we picked up anchor and headed to Avalon for a full day of adventuring in the only town we get to visit on this itinerary.

We dropped guests off at the Avalon Pier and they had a total of seven hour to explore this cute little island town. Upon the return of our guests, we heard stories of them renting golf carts to visit the botanical gardens, hiking through Avalon Heights, and checking out all the local bars. We also had a group of divers get in the water and were treated to an underwater oasis. They swam through the vast local kelp forest, and they even saw a giant sea bass. Good times were had both above and below the water.

One of the best parts our adventures in Avalon, besides the options for incredible seafood, was free ice cream from the local creamery called Scoops. After a long day relaxing in this adorable beach town, we headed back to the ship for an incredible final cocktail hour and final recap. As we watch our guest slideshow, we look back at all the memories we shared together over the last few days. From humpback whales to endemic island fox, we have moments to remember for the rest of our lives.