We woke up on Christmas morning to a bright, sunny, beautiful day as National Geographic Orion made her way south from Vanuatu towards Norfolk Island. The ship was in great spirits as we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast on the back deck and a mellow morning. A record number of participants (a whopping 25!) joined wellness specialist Belinda Quinlivian in the lounge for Christmas Yoga! Meanwhile, red-footed boobies circled the ship and caught flying fish. It was not long before we were ready for our Christmas feast. Expertly prepared by the galley team, the offerings were abundant and luscious! No one was shy, and multiple helpings were consumed! The expedition staff helped serve the food and bus dishes, a small gesture to illustrate our gratitude for the amazing work and care that the crew puts into making this ship feel like such a wonderful family. Everyone certainly misses their home extra on Christmas, but I can’t think of a better place to spend Christmas than here on National Geographic Orion. At lunch, the winners of the Christmas door decorating contest were announced, and everyone enjoyed an amazing abundance of desserts. We gathered in the evening for a recap, followed by more feasting on the back deck. It was a relaxed but beautiful day out here in the Coral Sea. Merry Christmas to all!