We woke up to another bright sky with intermittent clouds and a fresh breeze. We are at sea today en route to French Polynesia, the final territory we will visit on this voyage.

After days of taking photos, we had a workshop on how to edit them with Photo Instructor Fiona Wardle. After that, Captain Aaron Wood gave a presentation on his experience in Antarctica, including the special tools available on our sister ship, National Geographic Endurance. These tools, from thermal cameras to ice radar, improve our ability to explore the polar regions.

In the afternoon we offered a drawing workshop. Guests gathered to study some Pacific flora and to draw or paint the beautiful flowers we have been seeing ashore. This was a great compliment to Alex Searle’s presentation about Pacific art, our last presentation of the day.

Then …. the world-famous National Geographic Orion Crew Show!

Tomorrow we are back to land.