After an action-packed day in the Falkland Islands yesterday, we spent today at sea reminiscing about the last four weeks of pure adventure to some of the wildest places on our planet.

This morning, we caught glimpses of type a killer whales, the largest of all killer whales. These whales most likely belong to a well-known group found living around Staten Island, located off the southeast coast of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

We listened to presentations by undersea specialist Maya Santangelo, “Exploiting and Protecting the World’s Most Important Ocean,” and penguinologist Tom Hart, “Counting in the Wild.” In the afternoon, we enjoyed a joint presentation by naturalist Marylou Blakeslee and Global Perspectives guest speaker Bob Bindschadler. The presentation was entitled, “Saving the World: how hard can it be?” Afterward, we went on a journey with National Geographic photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins during his presentation, “Great Voyages – Adventures with the National Geographic Fleet.”

As the evening arrived, we donned our gladrags for Captain Arron Wood’s farewell cocktail party in the Ice Lounge. We raised a toast to our incredible adventures aboard National Geographic Endurance over the last four weeks, and to all of our expedition shipmates.