Today, National Geographic Orion is navigating the beautiful blue waters of the Torres Strait. The Torres Strait runs over the top of Australia, connecting the Arfura Sea to the Coral Sea. At this time, there are many islands dotting the strait, just barely visible over the waves, but thousands of years ago, we would be walking across this area as opposed to sailing. This area was once a land bridge between what is now Australia and New Guinea. As sea levels rose after the last Ice Age, ocean waters flooded these ancient pathways, creating the land masses we traverse today.

While beautiful, the waters are quite shallow and require expert knowledge to navigate. Local pilots came out to meet National Geographic Orion and spent time on the bridge sharing their knowledge and working with our officers to safely sail across these waters.

We filled our day by learning during presentations from our natural history staff, enjoying lovely treats, and discovering some of the beautiful places to relax on board.