We expected to experience all sorts of weather patterns on this epic Antarctic voyage, but a thunder and lightning storm that swept past last night surprised us. It was certainly an unusual occurrence down here in the Southern Ocean.

Most of the day was nice and sunny with some ‘motion in the ocean.’ We had fun trying different photographic techniques to capture the waves, including some slow-motion captures.  It was amazing to watch the new X-Bow carve through the water, which lessened the effect of the waves tremendously.

Naturalist Sue Forbes gave a presentation on the Falkland Islands’ conflict. She spoke about her time stationed there and in South Georgia while she was in the Royal Air Force. Then naturalist Rob Edwards educated us on the botany we have seen during our journey. In the afternoon, naturalist Marylou Blakeslee completed her sketching classes. Participants used all the new skills they learned to sketch a photo of a gentoo penguin with a couple of chicks.

Instead of our traditional recap, the photo team offered a feedback session using previously submitted and processed images. The quality and variety of images made for an impressive session.

The highlight of the day was saved until the end. We headed to Kidney Island after a technical stop in Port William to pick up fresh produce. As the sun was setting, we watched thousands and thousands of sooty shearwaters stream in from the ocean to settle in their nesting sites. Birds filled the sky and covered the surface of the water around us. It was quite the spectacle.