We woke with a nice following wind as we skirted the southern limit of the Tyrrhenian Sea. After departing Cagliari yesterday evening, Captain Svendsen had raised a few sails. These sails remained up overnight, increasing stability and giving us a smooth and wonderful night’s rest. In the morning, the captain sent sailors to the rigging to raise a few additional sails, and we made good speed under sail on our way to Sicily.

Lindblad historian Tom Heffernan presented a very well-attended lecture, “Conscience or Death: A Roman Woman Defies the State,” based on the academic book that Tom recently published on this amazing woman of antiquity. Following this, guests enjoyed another tasty, Mediterranean-inspired lunch on the Lido Deck.

In the early afternoon, Sea Cloud’s boutique opened for the second time of the voyage in the Main Lounge. Afterwards, National Geographic Lecturer Bill Saturno prepared us for our next two days with a presentation on Sicily. Certified Photo Instructor Anna Mazurek once again improved our photography game with a talk on smartphone photo editing.

In the evening, we all enjoyed dinner on the Lido Deck. A number of guests remained on deck for a little stargazing with our expedition leader.