Our first full day aboard National Geographic Orion was spent voyaging east through the Lesser Sunda Islands, headed for Komodo Island. It was a day for getting acquainted – or re-acquainted – with our wonderful ship in between a full schedule of briefings and presentations. Photo Instructor Tanish Peelgrane revealed the full potential of our cellphones with her talk, “Smartphone Photography”. Naturalist Ron Liedich gave a whirlwind introduction to the biology, biogeography, paleontology, and anthropology of the Wallacea region of Indonesia. Cultural Specialist Julia Esteve capped off the presentations with, “Indonesian Music and Dance.” Meanwhile, a group of brown boobies followed the ship and put on an entertaining show of their own, pursuing the flying fish disturbed by the ship’s passage. The captain’s welcome cocktail party capped the end of a relaxing and educational day at sea.