This morning, National Geographic Endurance journeyed through The Gullet, a narrow channel between Adelaide Island and Graham Land. Any notion or fear the name might have given us of being swallowed was immediately banished as soon as we set our eyes upon this spectacular channel. Today was one of our most beautiful days yet encountered in Antarctica. We observed towering mountains, glistening ice, wispy clouds atop mountain ridges, stunning reflections, seals, penguins, and whales. We had it all.

We had two plans for an afternoon landing, and the decision was made for us by icy conditions. We launched Zodiacs after lunch and enjoyed the spectacular scenery from a lower vantage point. Crabeater and Weddell seals lazed on floating sea ice, and our guests prepared themselves for a Polar Plunge. This activity involves a quick dip in the icy water, ably assisted by our safety team. Based on the expressions on our guests’ faces as they came out of the water, we believe the experience was cold! Fortunately, warm towels and warm drinks encouraged rapid recovery.