Sunrise was spectacular again to begin our day of adventure in Aqua Verde. Many people were on the bow in anticipation of another glorious morning. The sunrise and sunsets are particularly fantastic because of a combination of many factors including the angle of the sun in the winter and the low humidity on the peninsula. Those who weren’t stretching on the sundeck walked around the vessel and took photographs as the colors changed and bathed the landscape in the gorgeous morning light.

After breakfast, we started the day with a snorkel near a little island that is obviously a favorite of the birds of the area. This morning there was a committee of vultures warming up before heading out to look for their breakfast. From the Zodiacs, we swam to shore while taking in the amazing sea creatures along the way. Balloonfish, giant damselfish, king angelfish, sergeant majors, cornetfish, stone scorpionfish, and many other creatures were spotted as the snorkelers headed to the beach. There were plenty of areas to explore along the shore and everyone was able to enjoy some free time.

In the afternoon we explored another beach with a variety of hikes, tide-pooling, and Zodiac birding tours. There were plenty of beach chairs and refreshments for before and after activities. The two beaches and variety of terrain offered a wealth of opportunities for fun in the sun in Aqua Verde.

The evening concluded with many people attempting to break into a piñata on the sundeck.  The young, the young at heart, the crew, and the staff all took a swing at the festive holiday piñata to give everyone an extra sweet treat at the end of the night.