This morning guests awoke to Anaa on the distant horizon. With a morning at sea, we followed breakfast with a joint presentation hosted by Jenny and Matahi. This talk covered human migration across the south pacific, as well as the basis to traditional Polynesian navigation.

After lunch, we boarded Zodiacs and prepared for our first excursion to the northern village of the Anaa atoll. We were greeted with songs and chilled coconuts on arrival before heading across to a grassy clearing for our official welcome. It was at this clearing that we were able to observe and participate in the local custom of javelin throwing. This activity involved throwing a 6ft spear at a coconut mounted some 6m above ground.

From here we were able to venture through the town and reached the lagoon on the interior side of the atoll. This was an opportunity for guests to swim or just enjoy the postcard scenery. Another group of guests had a private driver take them to the northern peninsula to look for birds. Lesser frigates, white terns, black-naped terns, brown noddies, and greater crested terns were spotted.

Once back onboard, all guests enjoyed reliving the day’s activities in the evening recap before heading down for the official captain’s welcome dinner. Before retiring for the evening, Undersea Specialist Rachel gave her “fish ID” presentation in the lounge. It was a great first day of activities in French Polynesia.