Our day started by exploring a pristine forest called Amazon Natural Park. Here, the trees have not been cut. It is the kingdom of the big trees with many trees more than 100 feet high, forming the emergent layer of a mature forest. Light is dim, and some species of insects and very few birds live here. Most are heard but not seen. The forest has abundant plant life.

This was a day in which the rainforest gave us the most precious gift…rain. A lot of rain, from morning until noon. We loved watching the rain and listening to the sound of raindrops all around us. We found palm trees, which are so important. Fronds are used to make roofs, and the fruits make meals, ice cream, and oil! These trees are a miracle.

In the afternoon, we navigated along the Maranon River. We boarded the fleet of skiffs and explored Yanayacu River for the afternoon until sunset. The river’s black water flows among the trees and eventually reaches a larger river that meets the Ucayali and then the mighty Amazon, which eventually reaches Brazil to finally discharge its volume into the Atlantic Ocean.

We enjoyed many interesting sightings along the way, including herons, egrets, monkeys, and various birds, including a capped heron and a green iguana.

Today was another amazing day in the heart of the jungle!