We have skirted the edge of the rainforest by skiff for the last four days, investigating rivers and their smaller tributary creeks. Today we found terra firma, high and not quite dry, and we went for a walk in the rainforest. En route to our trailhead, we observed a cut bank of mud. We could see a number of nest burrows poked by Amazon kingfishers. A clamor of staccato-squawks ensued as we passed. Once we entered the forest, we lucked into finding some yellow-handed titi monkeys in the canopy. We pondered the evolutionary advantage of yellow hands. For the remainder of our walk, we spotted various flowers, fruits, swaying canopy bridges, and a few interesting insects.

The afternoon brought cooking lessons, kayaking, a bit of a rain shower, and a late afternoon exploration of Yanayaquillo Caño. Another delicious and full day exploring the edges of the Marañon River.