Each day is a new chapter in a timeless story, where history and nature coalesce in breathtaking harmony. The Amalfi Coast, with its rugged cliffs plunging into azure waters, offered a sensory feast starting in the early hours. From the deck, while stretching in the company of Natalia (Sea Cloud II’s Wellness Specialist), we enjoyed the coastline’s beauty. Some people took photographs, while others used their imagination to perceive the scent of lemon groves mingling with the salty sea breeze, all mixed with the visual splendor of pastel-colored villages clinging to steep hillsides.

After an amazing breakfast, as usual, our onshore excursions took us into deeper exploration. We visited St. Andrew’s Cathedral, meandered through the narrow alleys of Amalfi, and tasted the pastries of the famous Pasticceria Pansa. This pastry has a sweet history, since 1830, in one of the most beautiful and evocative squares in the world.

Lindblad’s commitment to sustainable travel ensured that our exploration of this UNESCO World Heritage Site was both enriching and respectful. Knowledgeable local guides enhanced our experience, revealing the secrets of the Amalfi Coast’s vibrant culture and history.

Once back on board, we had the traditional pasta wheel for lunch and afterwards, enjoyed once more the sailing operation. The crew hit the rig and off we went, sailing into the Gulf of Naples.