After a night on anchor, gazing at the steep cliffs dotted with streetlights, we stepped ashore at the town of Amalfi before the town was a’buzz with its seasonal visitors.

Upon entering the city’s gates, Amalfi’s Romanesque cathedral greeted us with its extravagant façade. Today, our activities included a cultural walking tour to explore the highlights of Amalfi; and as well, a “High Point Challenge,” wherein a group of intrepid walkers explored narrow, medieval corridors, and climbed steep stairways (1700 steps in total!) to reach a belvedere overlooking Sea Cloud off the Amalfi coastline.

Regardless of activity, everyone enjoyed the long-standing icon of Amalfi, its regional specialty lemon, the Sfusato Amalfitano. Whether enjoying a limonata from a streetside juice shop or the citrusy aroma from the terraced lemon groves, Amalfi enchanted all with a quintessential day in southern Italy.

Photos by Ashley Michael Karitis and Guilia Ciampini