When we woke up on National Geographic Sea Lion this morning, we were completely covered by fog as we sailed through British Columbia’s waters. Clever and adorable sea otters inspected us curiously as we sailed by. We also saw a humpback whale. It came up close to us, and many delighted guests captured photos and beautiful memories. We sailed into the protected harbor of Alert Bay. Guests then made their way to the Umista Cultural Center, a museum where we observed and appreciated cultural masks and regalia from Alert Bay. Guests later took a hike where they experienced the cultural spirit of the land. Simultaneously, the underwater dive team was busy capturing footage right under the harbor’s docks. Next, we were able to go to the Big House for a rare opportunity to spend time learning about the culture of the area with local people and with guests from our sister ship, National Geographic Venture, which was alongside in the bay. A wonderful day was had by all as we experienced the wonders of Alert Bay.