We started a new adventure on board National Geographic Quest. The day began with a beautiful sunrise coming up from behind the mountain of Corcovado.

After breakfast, we began our morning with two Zodiac tours along the Agujitas River. We looked for wildlife and observed different species of birds, including yellow-crowned night herons, little blue herons, social flycatchers, Amazon kingfishers, spotted sandpipers, iguanas, and mantled howler monkeys. We also spotted the footprints of tapirs.

Agujitas River is an amazing place. We can observe wildlife, and the view and the noises of the tropical rainforest make the area outstanding and very peaceful. After the second round of tours, we returned to National Geographic Quest to enjoy lunch.

In the afternoon, we took our Zodiacs and landed on a private reserve. We enjoyed different walks around the area, including a power hike for guests who wanted a challenge.

During our different hikes, we had great opportunities to explore this area. We saw many of the animals that live in the tropics, like American spider monkeys, howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, sloths, and scarlet macaws.

After our hikes, we returned to the ship and moved slowly to our next destination. During a beautiful sunset, many of our guests observed pantropical spotted dolphins.