Today was a rare day. In true expedition fashion, we explored all aspects of the Asmat regency of West Papua. Our day began at sunrise with a bird watching Zodiac ride upriver. The sound of the forest waking up and coming to life is something no picture can capture.

After breakfast, we explored the town of Agats, a bustling place for this region. It is an elevated town, as it lies on the tidal coastline of the delta. We had the opportunity to meet local people, shop the many stalls, and visit the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress.

In the afternoon, we journeyed via Zodiac back upriver to the village of Uwus which is tucked in the forest. The experience was a sensory overload. A fleet of war canoes greeted us, their unified chants echoing in the tree canopy. On land, hundreds of men, women, and children performed a ritual that preceded the ceremony of two war canoes that were launched into the river. This ceremony showed just how special our visit was to this magical place. This day will be remembered by all; a day that truly embodies expedition travel.