Assistant Expedition Leader

Therese Nichols

Hailing from Minnesota and having spent much of her childhood in the forests around Lake Superior, Therese was raised with an immense love and reverence for natural, wild spaces. This appreciation was also cultivated by her adventurous parents- her mother was a canoe outfitter in the boundary waters by the age of 16 and her father lived in a treehouse he built in Seward, Alaska. After earning a degree in Human Ecology from the University of Minnesota, Therese declined graduate school and began traveling to learn more about the world and its citizens. She has backpacked around Europe, hiked alongside wild zebras in South Africa, camped on the beaches of Zanzibar, driven a moped 500 miles across Vietnam, and experienced many other travel wonders and blunders.

Back in Minnesota, Therese owns an eco-friendly cleaning and organizing business where her mission is to help others simplify their spaces and their lives while respecting the earth. As an Assistant Expedition Leader with Lindblad, she is able to unite her passion for travel, nature, and people with her logistical and organizational skills to ensure a successful trip for all.