National Geographic Expert

Stephen Cunha

Geographer, educator, and author Stephen Cunha spent ten years as a national park ranger in Yosemite and Alaska. His travel and consulting on mountain and environmental issues include assignments with USAID, United Nations University, World Bank, IUCN Commission on National Parks & Protected Areas, and UK Asylum Law Project. His publications include a collegiate physical geography textbook, National Geographic’s Our Fifty States, along with journal and book chapters on parks and protected lands, geography education, and Central Asian environmental issues. In 2007 he received the California State University system’s highest award for exemplary contributions and achievements in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Service. Stephen holds two undergraduate degrees (geography and natural resources) from UC Berkeley, and a master’s and Ph.D. in geography from UC Davis. He will share his insights gained from decades of travel, research, and teaching across the globe.